Social Media and Online Safety

Children and young people today not only have to contend with the real world, but also need to learn how to keep themselves safe online. As adults, we can help keep them safe by teaching children about the dangers they face. These are covered in both our ICT and Personal Development curricula.

In addition, most online systems have parental settings which allow adults to set limits on what can be viewed.

Below are some online links for more information as well as guidance on how to set controls for your children for the most common home internet providers, mobile phones, social media and other aspects of the online world children may engage with.

If you cannot find the guidance here, you can contact your provider directly.


General Advice

If you would like further advice on how you can help your child stay safe online, please contact one of our Online Safety Team:


Specific Concerns

If you have concerns about any specific events, please contact your child’s Head of Year or the designated safeguarding leads:

If you are worried about something your child has seen on the internet, report it using the link below:

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Useful Links