Fixtures and results

Information about upcoming fixtures, inter-house competitions, recent results and all other PE related news from Thomas Mills High School and Sixth Form can be viewed below.

Date Fixture Location Staff Leave Pick up
Monday 13th May U15 Boys Tennis V Woodbridge


TMHS MHa 3.45pm 5.30pm

Tuesday 14th May

U13 Boys / Girls Tennis V Orwell


Orwell Park HPr 3.15pm 6.30pm
U12 Boys / Girls Super Smash Cricket


TMHS KEd 3.45pm 5.40pm
Wednesday 15th May U13 + U15 Boys/ Girls Alde Valley Relays


Alde Valley OFr


1.00pm 4.45pm
Thursday 16th May U13 Boys Tennis V Woodbridge


TMHS OFr 3.45pm 5.40pm