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12 common questions

Who can join the Sixth Form?

The Sixth Form is open to all who wish to attend it and can reasonably travel to school on a daily basis.  The only general entrance qualification is that we expect you to take the Sixth Form seriously, to want to work and to behave in a responsible way.


What are your entry qualifications?

For courses leading to Advanced Qualifications (A levels) if you have taken the subject at GCSE we would ask you to have a GCSE Grade 5 in the subject you wish to take. To begin an Advanced level progamme of study we would expect you to have achieved a minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade 4 or better.

For technical level 3 courses entry requirements are 4 GCSEs at grade 4 or better.

The requirements are outlined for each individual course in the prospectus.


How many Advanced levels do I have to study?

In the Lower Sixth students will normally follow the equivalent of 4 A Level courses with the opportunity to complete all four courses at A level in the Upper Sixth or to reduce the number of courses at A level to three.

This provides the best opportunity of maintaining a breadth of choice and opportunity in employment and Higher and Further education. We will however always be happy to discuss each individual application on its’ own merits.


How do I apply?

Students at present attending Thomas Mills High School.

Fill in an online application form and submit to the Sixth Form. This will lead automatically to an interview with Sixth Form staff, an invitation to our open day and your choices being fed into the options pattern.

Students at present attending any other school should use the same online Application Form.

Applications should normally be made by the end of January.

After Easter a letter will be sent to you, telling you and your parents what happens next.

Students who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs (under the l98l Education Act): it is helpful if you or your parents could discuss your needs with us at an early date.


What are your results like?

Every year we obtain a better than 98% pass rate at A level. The details for each subject can be found in our prospectus. When considering and comparing results do remember that the results for each subject do vary from year to year and that the overall results for our school are obtained from a broad ability Sixth Form. We are therefore proud of, but not complacent about our success.

Over 80% of our Advanced Level students progress on to higher education. We have well established links with both traditional and newer universities and a good record of Oxbridge success. The range and type of degree qualifications increases every year, an indication of this breadth can be seen by referring to the results and destination page in the prospectus. A number of students every year also proceed on to Foundation courses in Art and Design before beginning Art degree courses. Our students are also successful at finding employment and Apprenticeship opportunities in a wide variety of fields.


Is there a catchment area?

There is an official Sixth Form catchment area which coincides with the main school catchment area and the catchment area for Stradbroke High School. However, the Sixth Form welcomes students from a wide area beyond the official catchment area. Students have attended the Sixth Form from as far east as Southwold and Aldeburgh, as far south as Ipswich as far west as Stowmarket and as far north as Norfolk.


What are the opportunities for extra-curricular activities?

All the sporting, musical and drama activities available in main school are available to sixth form students. Representative teams exist in all the major sports and some minor ones. The schools’ musical reputation is oustanding as is its’ reputation for quality theatrical productions. Excellent opportunities exist for community service, school responsibility and leadership development. If there is a demand for an educational activity we will endeavour to supply it.


What guidance is available?

Individual student guidance has a high priority through our personal tutor and departmental tutorial system. Subject guidance outside of lesson times is available through individual and group tutorials. Careers and Higher Education advice is dealt with through a planned tutorial programme. Each student has a personal tutor who teaches the tutorial programme and who they can turn to for advice and guidance. The experienced Sixth Form team is also available.


Are parents kept involved?

We value the links that exist between home and school. In the Sixth Form there is a more adult atmosphere, but parents are still informed of progress through regular reports and parents evenings. Parents are also consulted if there is a concern over a students progress or attendance.


Is there a School Uniform in the Sixth Form?

No formal uniform exists, we do have a dress code whereby students are expected to be dressed in clothing conducive to a working school environment. Full details of this can be found in the prospectus.


Do your students enjoy the Sixth Form?

In recent surveys the vast majority of students enjoy the Sixth Form and value the wide range range of opportunities to get involved.  Students run the school House System, and this, with numerous opportunities through volunteering, encourage personal development and the acquisition of leadership skills.

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