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Thomas Mills High School is an 11-18 school and we very much see a full seven-year secondary school experience as an important entitlement for all of our students. The Sixth Form at Thomas Mills High School is open to all who wish to attend it and, indeed, students from a wide variety of backgrounds and schools beyond Framlingham join us each year. We provide opportunities for the full ability range, are proud of our reputation and results, and hope that this information will encourage students to want to find out more.

Planning a sixth form education needs careful thought, and therefore we have a curriculum structure that provides every sixth former with a stimulating and exciting educational experience and an impressive breadth of extra-curricular activities and opportunities.

Thomas Mills Sixth Form offers a very wide range of courses. Some courses have specific entrance requirements and others are more flexible. Other courses leading to nationally-recognised qualifications are also available. One example is the Extended Project Qualification that allows students to undertake research in an area that particularly interests them, as well as preparing them for undergraduate study.

In this way, we aim to provide our sixth formers with a flexible choice of courses and the broadest possible education. Our bespoke approach to timetable provision means that we are normally able to accommodate most combinations of choices. Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences and Languages can all be combined so that individual students are able to follow courses best suited to their needs, interests and talents.

We have over 70 years’ proven experience as a successful centre of sixth form teaching in Framlingham, first as a grammar and then as a comprehensive school. Since 1979 over 5500 students have passed through our Sixth Form, with a high proportion proceeding to undergraduate study or apprenticeships. We allow students to develop their own interests and aptitudes in an environment that encourages self-discipline and personal organisation.

Students are treated as young adults with privileges and responsibilities but can still draw on a strong system of pastoral support to guide them through their education.