The Community Programme

The Community Programme

Students have the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of community activities. These can help to develop interests, widen experience and give a greater awareness of the needs of others. There are a number of such activities within school:

Assisted Maths and Reading Schemes

Students help and support pupils in years 7 to 11.

The House System

Sixth form students organise and run House events such as assemblies, sports teams and charity fund-raising. The House Team within the school perform a variety of duties. These include helping tutors in years 7 to 9 with form business, helping to organise and run House events and contributing generally to a whole range of school activities.

Peer Mentoring

Students have the opportunity to be trained as mentors to students in the main school.

Senior Students

The Sixth Form, as a student body, is represented by school officials or Senior Students. They are responsible for the running of the Sixth Form Centre and its resources areas, the organisation of social events and the raising of finance for charity events and sixth form activities. They represent the school at whole school events such as Open Days.

Sixth Form Forum

This is a council made up of elected School Officials and volunteers to discuss issues relating to the Sixth Form which meets five times a year.

Primary School Support

We arrange for students to go into local primary schools to provide general help or to organise PE/sports-related activities. There is a strong link with Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP School, allowing students consistent work experience placements.

Charity Events

The Sixth Form is involved in a number of charity events and fund-raising activities within the community (e.g. the Harvest Parcel distribution, supporting local food banks and collecting for the Poppy Appeal).

Work Placements

All students have the opportunity to undertake some sort of work-related activity. This may take several different forms such as a week during a holiday or regular day or half-day placements, depending upon individual timetables.

Other Enhancement Courses may involve a work placement (e.g. Community Sports Leader). Some Advanced Courses involve experience of working environments. Many elements of the Community Programme are, in fact, work experience under another name (e.g. visiting primary schools or old people’s homes).