The Dress Code

Sixth form students should be presentable and exhibit an acceptable appearance to members of the upper and main school and any visitors to the school.

Dress should be such that it is not designed to be startling but comfortable and appropriate for a school environment where all students in school years seven to eleven are dressed in a formal school uniform.

Students must understand that the school reserves the right to require sixth form students to modify their dress if it is felt that it is not suitable for a school environment. It may be the case that it is not what is being worn but how it is being worn that requires modification.


Sixth form students have an obligation to attend school every day. The only exception to this is that, if a student has no timetabled lessons on a particular day, they may negotiate ‘study leave’ with a member of the Sixth Form Team. Lower Sixth students require parental letters to account for absences. In the Upper Sixth they may write their own.

Students who do not have a satisfactory record of attendance at school, and lessons, will not be entered by the school for public examinations.


Parents are always welcome to come into school and may make appointments to do so at any time. Members of the team are always happy to talk to parents in person or on the telephone in or out of school hours in the case of any concerns.