Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Protocol  – Years 7 – 11

Unlike many schools, Thomas Mills High School permits pupils to bring mobile phones into school. It is certainly a privilege and one which must not be abused.

Pupils are expected to abide by the following:

Mobile phones should not be seen in pupils’ possession throughout the school day – no pupil phones should be seen in school.

The only exceptions are:

  • When placing mobile phones in the valuables box in PE lessons
  • At the end of a lesson, when permitted by a teacher, for photographing what has been displayed on a whiteboard in class
  • When handing in phones before entering an exam room.


Hence, phones should not be heard, or used to receive or send text messages at all, nor to access the internet.

The school accepts no responsibility for any personal belongings (including phones) brought into school.

There is a public telephone available to pupils, at the Reception desk, requiring a minimum of 20p for calls.

Sixth Form students are not bound by the same restrictions regarding phone use as Main School pupils. However, phones should not be on display in corridors nor used for photographs of anyone, staff or student, without the express permission of that person, nor should Sixth Form students make their phones available to others.