Prickett Memorial Awards

This registered charity (also referred to as the Prickett Memorial Fund) was formed in 1965 with funds donated in memory of Miss Ethel May Prickett, who from 1933 to 1957 was the second Headmistress of Mills Grammar School. She died in 1963. Her photograph hangs in the library and the plate underneath records publicly the existence of this charity.

Miss Prickett was a devoted teacher of French and led the first two school visits to France in the 1950s.   Originally it was envisaged that the charity would fund travel abroad for educational purposes, but this function became increasingly redundant after 1982, when the Mills Educational Foundation began to do the same thing, and still more so when the Michael Sims Memorial Fund was established in 1987.

For many years in the 1980s and 1990s the fund was used to subsidise the French Exchange but, in 1996, the governors decided instead to use the annual income to provide a scholarship to a student leaving the sixth form to pursue the study at degree level of French (preferably) or of another modern foreign language.   Their 1996 resolution lays down the procedure to be followed by the Headteacher and staff in awarding the scholarship.

The charity was re-registered in 1999 and later in the same year the Charity Commissioners issued a scheme to formalise its change of purpose.

The following Prickett Memorial Scholarships have been awarded:

  • 1996        Marie-Claire Jenkins
  • 1997        Jonathan Adam
  • 1998        Timothy Baxter
  • 1999        Katherine Wells
  • 2000        Alexandra Pickering
  • 2001        Richard Girling
  • 2002        David Sleight
  • 2003        Sarah Creighton
  • 2004        Emma Fisher
  • 2005        Henrietta Inman
  • 2006        Celeste Small
  • 2007        Charlotte Gaffer
  • 2008        Kristin Mazurkewicz
  • 2009        Rebekah Shoukry
  • 2010        Lauren Dilieto
  • 2011        Chloe Williams
  • 2012        Madeleine Adey
  • 2013        Florence Vane
  • 2014        Sammy Fell
  • 2015        Lizzie Green
  • 2016        Francesca Auchterlonie
  • 2017        Amy Ryder
  • 2018        Molly Constanti
  • 2019        Anna Brueck Seeley
  • 2020       Barney Hopkins
  • 2021        William Evans and Grace Lloyd
  • 2022        Izzy Carter

The whole Governing Body used to act as trustees but since 2005, in a change approved by the Charity Commission, they now elect three trustees to manage its affairs.   The trustees serve for three-year terms and meet once a year.   They are not responsible for choosing who wins each scholarship, which is a matter for the Headteacher and his staff, but ensure that it is funded appropriately.   The scholarships are awarded each September.

Chairman of Trustees – Mr Doug Stewart

(Registered Charity No. 1075348)