The Stanley Reeve Museum

– A living history museum of the Second World War –

The Museum occupies two Second World War air raid shelters on the school site. Originally six shelters were built to protect the children and staff of Framlingham Area School; four have since been destroyed.

The Museum is named after Mr Stanley Reeve, the greatly respected Headmaster of Framlingham Area School from its opening in 1937 to 1940 and was opened 1998 by the late Mrs Dorothy Leggett, one of his pupils. The garden around the shelter is named after her.

One shelter houses a sound system and is used to give pupils and visitors the experience of living through a noisy air raid.

The other shelter contains an exhibition of objects from the war years kindly donated by a number of friends of the school.

The Museum is managed by the school’s history department and is used with the Key Stage 3 pupils when they study the war years.

It is usually open to the public on Open Day. Other schools may request to use it by contacting Mr Alex Pope at the school.