Michael Sims Memorial Fund

The Michael Sims Memorial Fund supports students of Thomas Mills High School in memory of Michael Sims, a former Head Boy, providing grants and educational opportunities. Michael Sims, a former Head Boy of Thomas Mills High School, was tragically killed in 1985.   He was half way through his medical course at University College Hospital in London.   This charity was founded in his memory to benefit the pupils of the school he had loved and to encourage his own interests in others.

The Trustees of the Fund use the interest earned on the capital sum of more than £90,000 that has been donated over the years since 1985 (it is still growing!) to further the following aims:

  • To award the annual Michael Sims Memorial Prize to a student who has combined interest and enthusiasm for academic study, leadership qualities and service to others to make a positive contribution to school life.   These were qualities which Michael himself had in abundance.
  • To provide grants to students and former students (under the age of 25) of the school to help them undertake foreign travel for educational purposes.
  • To help former students of the school who become medical students.
  • To help promote an awareness amongst students of the school for the affairs of the developing world.
  • To purchase books for the School Library or items of equipment for the Science department.

The trustees usually meet twice a year, in February and June.   There are ten Trustees, including the Headteacher of Thomas Mills (ex officio) and also, at present, Mr Hibberd and Mr Cann.

The Trustees welcome requests in writing from students and former students under the age of 25 years for grants to encourage travel for educational purposes.   Letters requesting help may be addressed to any of the school-based trustees and should include the expected benefits of the trip, the costs to be incurred and a brief itinerary.

Chairman of Trustees – Mrs Neena Atkinson.

(Registered Charity No. 297530)