Thomas Mills Tercentenary Fund

In 2003 – the tercentenary year of the man after whom the school is named – pupils, parents and staff raised £25,000 to endow a new charity.   This capital sum has grown somewhat since.

The aim of the charity is to help children in poor countries – specifically to help them gain secondary education.   Just as Thomas Mills left his wealth to help the poor elderly and the children of Framlingham, so this new charity is the school’s way of helping children who do not have all the advantages that our pupils have.   It was felt in 2003 that this would be the most fitting memorial to our own great benefactor.

There are five Trustees who meet once a term to decide on how to spend the income of the fund.   Pupils from each year also attend the meetings and have their say on who the fund should help.   We sponsor a number of children in poor countries and have provided funds to help build secondary schools in Africa and to support a school in India.

Chairman of Trustees – The Headteacher.

(Registered Charity No. 1098741)